RIFT Update 1.9 and Hotfixes #1-5

Rift 1.9 Conquest has been applied to all shards last week on June 27 and since then many hotfixes followed. The latest patch notes can be found on Rift official community website.

We are working on the update of the website and Magelo Sync.

Edit (7/4/2012):

RIFT 1.9 Hotfix #5 has been applied today – 4:30pm PDT 7/3/12 [NA] – 1:00am GMT/2:00am BST 4/7/12 [EU].

We are still working on the update of Magelo Sync. Each time a hotfix is applied we need to start again. We hope the hotfix #5 will be the last one for this week. We will keep you posted as soon as you can sync your characters again and of course all Premium members will be granted some extra time on their subscriptions to compensate the long downtime.
Magelo – Rift