Rift: RIFT 1.6 Hotfix #4 – 12/1/11

* Fixed an issue with Rifts not spawning properly during Zone Events in multiple zones.
* Jingling Bells can now be opened inside of instances – but why would you want to wait that long!
* Stonefield: The rare NPC Bahezerk no longer wanders into a nearby Guardian foothold.
* Stonefield: Spawn of Centius corpses now require Mining to obtain materials from, instead of Butchering.
* Stonefield: Unusual Results: Fixed an issue with the usable quest item sometimes not appearing in the quest stickies.
* Removed Jorge Neralis’ evil twin.

* Beruhast: Inferno Lash now has a 1.2 second casting time.
* Beruhast: Leaping Flame no longer requires line of sight when jumping from one character to another.
* Some NPCs with increased resistance to Physical damage have been corrected.

* Some NPCs with increased resistance to Physical damage have been corrected.

* Addressed an issue in the zone event, The Seed of Change, that could cause it to become incompletable.
* A Treasure Beyond Measure: The pirate from the third quest step no longer respawns instantly.
* Feline Intervention: Fixed an issue causing the quest item not to be granted if the character was also on Metallurgical Crisis.
* Hunting Small Hunters: The Bloody Claw no longer drops after the quest has been completed.
* Lurking in the Mist: Nearby Farclan Dwarves will no longer assist you against Ithkari Abominations.
* Metallurgical Crisis: Fixed a bug with this quest not resetting properly.
* Portentious Pods: The Greenwood Defenders should stick around longer once their pods are cracked open.
* Recluse Wrangling: The Recluse mount should now stay firmly grounded. On the ground.
* The Wanton Unbound: Addressed an issue that could cause this quest to become non-completable.
* Achievement: Purging Pyrkari: More types of Pyrkari now count properly toward this achievement.
* Corrected the loot drops from the rare spawn Osmas.
* Sourcethief artifacts can now be sold to vendors.

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