Rift: RIFT 1.6 Hotfix #3 – 11/29/11

* Fixed the spamming of multiple Fae Yule mails.
* Candy Cane weapons now remain visible when sheathed.
* Warrior-type NPCs using Sweeping Strike, Cyclone Strike, and Promise of Steel will no longer hit with these abilities in a full circle – players standing behind them will be safe.
* Greenscale’s Blight: Treants are 100% more treant-y and may be foraged.
* Client stability improvements!

* The Magma Hounds at Obsidian Shore are now skinnable.
* Karris will now fight much more fiercely for his life when confronted during the quests ‘Protect the People’ and ‘The Wanton Unbound’.
* Omen and Quantum Sight artifacts now respawn more reliably.
* Look Again: Added additional instructions for the use of the Shimmering Orb Shard.
* Pyrkari at Large: All steps of this quest now grant credit to all members in a group when completed.
* Stopping the Swarm: There are now proper quest location icons for both steps of this quest.

Telara Chronicles