Rift: RIFT 1.6 Hotfix #2 – 11/22/11

* Characters who had somehow gained notoriety with the mysterious ‘Null Faction’ have had it removed.
* Fixed a bug where AAF friends would not always be able to summon each other.
* The Anti-Planar Augmentation and Holy Champion abilities now provide their bonuses against Colossi.
* Iron Pine Peak: Chasing Chekharoth: The minimum level required for this quest series has been reduced to 48.
* Scarwood Reach: Fists of Fury: Can now be properly turned in to Sir Martyn Myrsol.
* Terminus: Reduced damage dealt by Shyla the Fallen.

* Reduced the hit points of zone event colossi by 30-40%.
* Increased rewards on zone event sub-bosses.
* Emerald Enigma puzzle: Only characters that complete the first part of the puzzle can get the key to teleport to the second part. You’ll also be more likely to get the Mossy Loot Bag reward.
* Increased the quest target spawn rate for Last Rites for the Fallen, An Obsidian Cage, and The Miasmic Tide.
* Corrected an accounting error in the Restoring the Isle quest achievement. Silly math.
* The guards at Ember Watch no longer grant experience or loot when killed.
* Fire Shall Fall: The Farclan Malgam corpses can no longer be mined, and do not drop loot or grant experience.
* Fishing the Farhall Way: The quest fish can no longer be farmed endlessly for experience.
* Pride of the Farclan: Fixed a case where the elementals would not spawn.
* Pyrkari at Large: Changed the map marker for the third stage to be more clear.
* Returning the Spirit: Fixed a case where the quest could get in a non-completable state.
* Science Under Pressure: You should be able to return to Stavel more reliably. He should also be more inclined to dig through piles to get to the basalt even under hostile situations.
* Shattered on the Shore: Adjusted the text on the use bar while gathering Malgam Parts.
* The Miasmic Tide: Increased the reset timers on the quest target shells.
* Removed Vornia’s broadcast text from the opening of the Savage Swarm Rift.
* Zone Event: The Seed of Change: Adjusted event so the Nature Spirits and Keeper Engineers will spawn more reliably.
* Zone Event: In Golden’s Grasp: Fixed an issue causing Earth Rifts to time out too quickly during the event. Also made sure the Sourcewell Energy Cache will drop from Ochrin when killed.
* Overflowing Geysers should no longer appear outside of the Ithkus’ Rise zone event.
* Fixed the instant respawn of some gators at Abundant Wilds, and some Sky Adders at Fractured Plains.
* Also toned down some fast respawns of Farclan Fishermen near Farhall.

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