Rift: Patch 1.6: State of the Rogue

The Rift Junkies have published an article focusing on specific Rogue changes with 1.6 and what they mean!

They tell us that “overall, rogues are still in a decent spot. As far as competitive dps, that remains to be seen, and we’ll find out over the next couple weeks how the Mage changes pan out, as well as some changes to our previous top-dps build, 51 Marksman. We recently had a hotfixed change to add deflect to Rogue tanks, which helps close the gap a bit as far as physical mitigation is concerned. There will still need to be some evaluation however concerning the viability of Riftstalker across all fight types, and our melee dps may be falling by the wayside without some more tweaks (RJ)”.

This is a very interesting read, so if you want more check it out on their site!


Source: Rift Junkies Patch 1.6: State of the Rogue

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