Rift: Orphiel Farwind: A Man of Many Collars

Tal of the Rift Junkies gives us a very detailed Lore article regarding the leader of the Defiants, Orphiel Farwind.

According to him, he is one of the most enigmatic public figures in current Telaran Lore. “For someone in such a prominent position he is rarely seen or heard from, avoiding leadership in favour of sitting in his observatory in Meridian watching the movement of the planes. In fact during the Defiant starting zone, twenty years in the future he is not even present at all having disappeared mysteriously many years ago. So who is this man, where did he come from and what does the future possibly hold for him? (Tal RF)”.

Want to learn more about Orphiel? Head over to their full article here!

Source: Rift Junkies: A Man of Many Collars

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