Rift: Ember Isle Guardian Quest Guide: Part 1

Rift Ember Isles

The Rift Junkies have published an article focusing on the Guardians quests available on Ember Island:

Ember Isle is a pretty amazing place to quest. The island’s got it all– dailies, story quests, reputation to grind, resources to gather, and plenty of zone events, rifts, and invasions to distract you along the way. To help you out, here’s an introductory guide to the Guardian-side quests (see, it isn’t just about you, Defiants!), and a suggested walkthrough. You don’t have to follow my suggestions, of course. Half the fun in exploring new content is blazing your own trail through it. Speaking of blazing, let’s get started. (RJ)”

Interested? Check it out on their site here!

Source: Rift Junkies



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