Weekly Rundown

The Ray-liant, Which Glitch? & A Stormtrooper in our midst…

Reminder! The MISC Reliant disappears from our store tomorrow! If you want to snag yourself one of the new starter ships, get it before they’re gone! In the meantime, here’s a list of all the content you might have missed throughout the week!

Monday, May 25th

10 for the Producers – Episode 7

Tuesday, May 26th

Meet The Devs – Kirk Tome
Far From Home – Unfinished Business

Wednesday, May 27th

Reliant Q&A – Part 1
VAULT: Reliant Concept – WIP

Thursday, May 28th

Around The Verse #46

Friday, May 29th

FLY FREE – Test Drive the Military Ships!
Reliant Q&A – Part 2

Saturday, May 30th

Reverse The Verse Recap – Episode 49

Have a good weekend!

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