Weekly Rundown

Xi’An Claude Vanduul drives a MISC Reliant

The Reliant proved reliable, as our concept sale went off without a hitch. What else happened this week at CIG? Check out our list of comms below! Let us know what you enjoyed, and what you would like to see more!

Monday, May 18th

10 for the Artists – Episode 2

Tuesday, May 19th

Meet The Devs – John Pritchett
Congress Now – Goldfinch Hearings

Wednesday, May 20th

Bugsmashers! – Episode 2
Vault – Jump Point 03-05 MAY Images
Vault – NYX Initial Concept Work

Thursday, May 21st

Around The Verse #45

Friday, May 22nd

MISC Reliant Now Available!

Saturday, May 23rd

Reverse The Verse Recap

RSI Comm-Link