Weekly Rundown

We’re starry-eyed for the Starfarer!

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Updates, Interviews, Sales, Flair…you name it, we got it. This week at CIG has been busy—and here’s a list to help keep it all together!

Monday, May 4th

10 for the FPS Producer

Tuesday, May 5th

Meet The Devs – John Schimmel
Terra Gazette – Fora Famine

Wednesday, May 6th

Bugsmashers – Episode 1!
Vault – Civilian Helmet Development

Thursday, May 7th

Star Citizen Alpha 1.1.2 Released!
Around The Verse #43

Friday, May 8th

May Subscriber Flair!
Hyper Vanguard Force – Minigame
Star Marine FPS Update
Fleshing out the Starfarer – WIP Update Sale

Saturday, May 9th

Reverse The Verse Recap

RSI Comm-Link