Weekly Rundown

Hull-ka-mania is almost to an end…

Ok ok…no more Hull jokes, we promise. Here’s the rundown of all the great content we published this week!

Monday, April 27th

10 for the Artists Episode 1
Hull A Question & Answer

Tuesday, April 28th

Meet The Devs: Steve Bender
Hull B Question & Answer
Tracker: Disconnected Kids

Wednesday, April 29th

Galactic Guide: ArcCorp
Vault: Hull Series WIP
Hull C Question & Answer

Thursday, April 30th

Around The Verse #42
Hull D Question & Answer

Friday, May 1st

April Monthly Report
Hull E Question & Answer

Saturday, May 2nd

Reverse The Verse Recap

But wait!

Next week, Bugsmashers moves to Wednesdays!

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