Weekly Rundown

It’s a Hull-A-Palooza!!

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We’re loading up and shipping out! Here’s the full cargo load of content from this week in the Verse!

Monday, April 20th

Ten for the Producers #5

Tuesday, April 21st

Meet the Devs with James Pugh – Lisa Ohanian
Clean Shot: Nexus Comm Trap

Wednesday, April 22nd

Galactic Guide: Vega System
Vault: SimPod Development

Thursday, April 23rd

Around The Verse Episode 41
Reverse The Verse Episode 44

Friday, April 24th

A Hull for every job: The MISC Hull Series
Design: Cargo Interaction
Star Citizen Cap Sale!
EXTENDED LOOK: Animation Discussion with Steve Bender

But wait!

Next week, we will start airing Reverse The Verse on Fridays. Stay tuned to the forums for the latest information as we finalize a new broadcasting time!

RSI Comm-Link

Breaking down how to understand and use your radar in Arena Commander. Stay tuned for the next episode covering different flight modes! Previous Video: …
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