Weekly Rundown

These updates are coming in Fast and Furious!!

Get the scoop on what we’ve been up to this week in Star Citizen’s development!

Monday, April 13th

Ten for the Designers #2 – Calix and Matt answer your design questions!

Tuesday, April 14th

Meet the Devs with James Pugh – Cherie Heiberg – Hang out with CIG’s new Archivist!
Plain Truth: Comm Your Senator – Check out the latest spectrum dispatch!

Wednesday, April 15th

Galactic Guide: Tyrol System – Learn about the Tyrol System’s criminal background…
Vault: Logo Development Vol. 1 – Check out the works in progress!

Thursday, April 16th

Around The Verse Episode 40 – SANDIIIIII!!!
Reverse The Verse Episode 42 – Travis is back!

Friday, April 17th

Test Drive The Racing Ships! – Free fly for all our speedsters…

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RSI Comm-Link

Крис Робертс демонстрирует космический симулятор Star Citizen на выставке Pax East 2014. Больше трейлеров с переводом…