Weekly Rundown

Got your tickets? Ship off on a brand new Starliner!

There was a little bit of something for everybody this week! TNGS fans got an update from Gaige Hallman, FPS fans got a new letter from the Chairman about Star Marine, and did we mention the Starliner is here?! It’s been quite a week, hope you’ve been keeping up! If not, check out all of our communications from this past week in the list below. Let us know what was your favorite!

Monday, June 22nd

10 For The Producers – Episode 08

Tuesday, June 23rd

Meet the Devs – Gaige Hallman
Advocacy Archive – Lost and Found
Behind the Scenes – ArcCorp and the Persistent Universe

Wednesday, June 24th

WIP – ArcCorp

Thursday, June 25th

Around The Verse – Episode 50
WIP – The Hull Series

Friday, June 26th

Introducing the Genesis Starliner
Design – Civilian Passenger Transport
Letter From the Chairman – Star Marine Update
Galactic Guide – Covalex Shipping

Saturday, June 27th

Reverse The Verse Recap – Episode 53

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