Weekly Rundown

It’s been one year of ATV! Cheers!

Hello Citizens! We had another great week of development content for you to feast your eyes (and ears!) on. Make sure to check out this week’s anni-verse-ary episode ATV, the feels are real.

Monday, June 8th

10 For The Designers – Episode 04

Tuesday, June 9th

Meet The Devs – Matt Sherman
B0otyCall: A Score to Settle

Wednesday, June 10th

Vault – Merlin Update
RSVP for CitizenCon 2015

Thursday, June 11th

Happy Anni-VERSE-ary! Around The Verse #48

Friday, June 12th

June Subscriber Flair!
Classified Report – Vanduul Bomber Identified
PREVIEW – Flying the Scythe

Saturday, June 6th

Reverse The Verse Recap – Episode 51

RSI Comm-Link