Voyager Direct Update: Buggy Skins and Weapons

Voyager Direct Update: Buggy Skins and Weapons

Greetings Citizens,

In addition to a number of important bug fixes, the Arena Commander 1.0.1 patch adds several optional items for the Voyager Direct store! Today, we are making available two weapons and several skins for the Greycat buggy. The weapons, a powerful turret for Anvil Hornet pilots and a personal combustion handgun that can be used while ejected, are intended to expand the Arena Commander combat experience. The Greycat skins are a first test of our new dev-side paint system, which will soon be applied to ships! You can select your skin using the holotable.

Remember: we are offering these Voyager Direct items to help fund Star Citizen’s development. All of these components will be available for in-game credits in the final universe, and they are not required to start or enjoy the game. The goal is to make additional items available that give players a different experience rather than a particular advantage when the persistent universe launches, and we will never ask that backers purchase such add ons in order to test the game.


LH-86 Combustion Handgun

The LH-86 from Gemini is a compact kinetic handgun designed for personal defense and close-quarter combat. A keen eye on ergonomics and balance coupled with hardy construction makes this pistol a natural fit for any shooter in any number of hostile conditions. The LH-86 also comes with Tritium low-light sight and a thirteen round magazine. Learn More

N4-160f Turret

Every combat pilot knows that the difference between a miss and a hit can be a couple of degrees. Broad & Rabiee’s N4-160f turret system is designed to put those degrees of precision in your hands by allowing canard mounted Size 1 and 2 weapons to accurately and effectively track mobile targets without changing the path of your ship. Warning: The N4-160f Turret can only be fitted on ships from the Anvil Hornet series. Learn More

Greycat Skins

Rifle Green

Rifle Green is a premium two-component technology designed to endure harsher environments without fading or scratching. Learn More

All Terrain Camouflage Forest (ATC-F)

ATC-F is a non-reflective paint surface ideal for anyone looking to lower their profile in the wild. Perfect for military, sporting enthusiasts or naturalists. Learn More


Speed isn’t just about mechanics, it’s about perception. Your Greycat will look and feel faster without changing a thing. The Cherry topcoat system uses cutting-edge raw materials and composition coating technology to maintain its glossy finish. Learn More

Agate Gray

One of the most popular paint styles on the Greycat, Agate Gray is a two-toned paint skin that brings the buggy’s interior colors as accents on the exterior, unifying the Greycat into a single cohesive aesthetic. Learn More


Who says a buggy can’t be elegant? The Gunmetal paint system is a medium gloss, two-component technology that maximizes gloss retention and durability. Learn More

Tactical Stealth

The Tactical Stealth is a near zero gloss paint that incorporates a catalyzed urethane process for unsurpassed durability making it highly resistant to UV rays, chemicals and chips. Learn More

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