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The Next Great Starship Registration


Get your entries in today!

Teams of talented artists and designers are getting ready to compete to determine who will build The Next Great Starship… and it could be you! We’re awarding $ 30,000 to the winning team in a competition that Star Citizen fans will follow online and vote for their favorites starting early next year.

If you have what it takes, the deadline for submitting your registration and introductory video is just one week away! Teams need to have submitted their registration and their introductory video/weapon sample by December 31st, 2013… so get those entries in! If your team hasn’t registered (or if you haven’t uplaoded your video yet) you can do so here.

The challenge is open to all users age 17 and older. Teams can consist of anywhere from one to three people. We’re pleased to announce that teams have formed around the world: 138 teams currently represent 18 countries, everywhere from Australia to the United States to Germany!

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