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The Fourth Annual Star Citizen Gamescom Party is on!

Join us on Friday, August 19th as we celebrate Star Citizen at Gamescom with you, our amazing community. Hosted by Chris Roberts, watch as we showcase what we’ve been working on since last year’s event, and take a look ahead at the Procedural Planets system slated to come online in Star Citizen Alpha 2.7. Of course, that’s not all you can expect from our Gamescom Presentation, but you’ll have to tune in on August 19th to find out more!

Ticket Details

Tickets for the Gamescom 2016 Star Citizen event party will be made available exclusively for Concierge members on July 29th. Additional tickets will be made available for Subscribers, and then for all Citizens in the coming days. Tickets will be made available for backers on the following schedule until the event is sold out:

Concierge: Friday, July 29th at 12pm PST
Subscribers: Saturday, July 30th at 12pm PST
All Backers: Sunday, July 31st at 12pm PST


This year’s event will take place from 8pm to Midnight on August 19th, 2016 at the Gloria Theater, Apostelnstrasse 11, 50667 Köln. Space is limited, so be sure you get your tickets fast!


Doors open at 8pm local time for all attendees.

The presentation will begin at 9pm local time and be livestreamed, via the Star Citizen Twitch channel:


There´s many car parks close by and within walking distance from Gloria. Top 3 below:

Parkhaus Wolfsstraße:
Open: Mo-Sun 4 hours
Address: Wolfsstraße 6, 50667 Köln

Open: Mo-Sun until 1am
Address Breite Straße 169-177, 50667 Köln

Parkhaus Bazaar de Cologne:
Open: Mo-Sun until 1am
Address: Große Brinkgasse 5, 50672 Köln

Additional parking available on the street. Parking ticket necessary until 11pm.

What to Bring

PLEASE remember to bring your printed ticket or a digital copy stored on your phone in addition to your photo ID. If you have a Citizen Card or any Star Citizen clothing, bring it!

There is a bar at the venue for drinks, and a small cafe for snacks, but attendees are encouraged to eat meals prior to the show.

Each year, fans have kindly offered gifts for the team. Unfortunately, since many of us are flying back to the United States the next day we are unable to accept anything at the event. We truly appreciate the thought, though!


Is the Gloria Theatre wheelchair accessible?

Wheelchairs should be pre-registered with the Gloria Theatre via email to ensure suitable entry is available for the event. The hall is located on the ground floor of the theatre. There will be a separate entrance for access. Unfortunately, there are no disabled toilets on the premises, however these can be found in public buildings in the neighbourhood.
Central Library
Josef-Haubrish-Hof 1
50676 Koln

Can I bring my own food and drink?

No, this is not allowed for the venue – Please stop by one of the traditional German restaurants nearby before the event. Snacks will be available.

Will there be seating available?

Not for the event. This will be a “Standing Set-Up” other than a few bar chairs that are set-up at the bar and may be placed in the Café area.

Is there an age restriction for the venue?

Yes, the event is 18+

Can people bring their own seating for the wait?

You may bring a small seat to use while outside the theatre, however use of them inside the premises is prohibited. Please only bring what you’ll need with you to the event, as well as your Star Citizen merchandise!

Is there a Coat Check?

Backers will have the option to store their belongings in the visitor’s cloakroom. Coats, jackets and umbrellas should not be hung in the auditorium on the chairs or placed under the chairs and tables due to fire regulations. Storage at the door will cost 1.50 Euros for a storage ticket (Remember to keep this safe!)

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