The Next Great Starship Preview

The Next Great Starship – Preview

The TNGS teams are hard at work creating their ships for the next phase of the contest. We’ll take a moment to check in on their progress as they prepare for the show to return next week!

The Next Great Starship is the modding competition that gives fans a chance to create a space ship to be used in Chris Roberts’ upcoming epic space sim game, Star Citizen™. Sponsors for the competition include Alienware, AMD, Autodesk, Crytek, Cologne Game Lab, Maingear, Wacom and YouTube. The Next Great Starship airs Fridays at 6 pm Eastern/3 pm Pacific. Fans are encouraged to join the Roberts Space Industries YouTube channel at to watch.

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A walk through my deluxe hangar in Star Citizen. Ships shown: Constellation, Freelancer, 300i, 315p, 325a, 350r, Hornet, Aurora LX.
Video Rating: 4 / 5