Test Drive the Mustang Lineup!

Greetings Citizens

For the next week, we’re unlocking the Mustang Lineup for all backers to test! Consolidated Outland is taking the fight to RSI with their sleek and affordable Mustang. It may lack the cargo capacity of the Aurora but it more than makes up for it in firepower and style. The following ships will be free from January 16th to January 23rd:

Mustang Alpha
Mustang Beta
Mustang Gamma
Mustang Delta
Mustang Omega

Please note that the Mustang Delta and the Mustang Omega cannot be purchased from the pledge store at this time.

Test drive the Mustang lineup and let us know what you think. These free weeks are a small token of our gratitude, and also provide us with valuable testing metrics.

RSI Comm-Link

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