Test Drive all Flyable Ships!

Greetings Citizens,

For the next week every ship currently flyable in Arena Commander is unlocked for all backers! Just like all our Free Flight weeks it is a thank you, but also provides valuable testing. Here is the list of flyable ships:

  • 300i
  • 315p
  • 325a
  • 350r
  • Aurora CL
  • Aurora ES
  • Aurora LN
  • Aurora LX
  • Aurora MR
  • Avenger
  • F7C Hornet
  • F7C-M Super Hornet
  • F7C-R Tracker
  • F7C-S Ghost
  • M50 Interceptor
  • Mustang Alpha
  • Mustang Beta
  • Mustang Delta
  • Mustang Gama
  • Mustang Omega
  • Cutlass Black

Be sure to try out as many as you can! Thank you citizens.

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