Star Citizen Town Hall at PAX South!

Star Citizen Town Hall at PAX South!

Greetings Citizens,

Star Citizen is coming to San Antonio! On Friday, January 23rd we will be holding our first official Star Citizen Town Hall alongside PAX South. This event will focus on the Persistent Universe, currently being developed by the team at Cloud Imperium Austin. We’re eager to share some of the work we’ve done, but also to interact directly with backers to hear your ideas for the game! The Town Hall event will include a series of topical panels, a meet-and-greet with the Star Citizen team and a presentation with Chris Roberts about the persistent universe.

We are making two different types of tickets available: one for backers who would like to attend the entire event (2 to 11 PM) and one for backers who only want to attend the evening meet-and-greet and presentation. The full event (350 tickets) is $ 30, whereas the individual evening portion (475 tickets) is $ 15. The full schedule is available below:


1:00 pm Backer Entry
2-3 pm Panel 1: The Path You Choose
3-4 pm Panel 2: A Living, Breathing World
4-5 pm Panel 3: Getting Social
5-6 pm Game Ideas Forum
6:30-8 pm Team Meet & Greet
8-9 pm Presentation with Chris Roberts
9-11 pm Citizen Mix & Mingle


The Town Hall will be held at the Aztec Theater in San Antonio.

Aztec Theater
104 North Saint Mary’s Street
San Antonio, TX 78205

Please note that you do NOT need tickets to PAX South to attend the event. The Aztec is an off-site venue and the event is organized for Star Citizen backers by Cloud Imperium Games.

Event Details

The Town Hall event is open to all Star Citizen backers age 21 and up.



Get ready to deep dive into Star Citizen’s Persistent Universe development! The team in Austin has put together three panels to discuss their work, and we’ve reached out to prominent player orgs to make sure backers’ burning topics are included.

Panel 1 – The Path You Choose
Overview – A major focus for 2015 for the PU team will be fleshing out the careers players will be able to have in the PU. This panel goes into the many different careers players will be able to choose from when the first drop of the PU launches.
Org Topics: Mining, Trading, Crafting, Player Occupations

Panel 2 – A Living, Breathing World
Overview – There are several features that will be developed in 2015 that will help make Star Citizen a living, breathing world. Things like detailed 24-hr NPC routines, space exploration mechanics and points of interest, economic simulator, and quantum travel are all major contributors to this.
Org Topics: NPC AI Routines, interactions, Space Exploration POI, Real Estate, Quantum Travel, Revisions to the Star Map, Economic Simulator

Panel 3 – Getting Social
Overview – This panel dives into what players will get to experience for the first time once the Social Module goes live. It will also go into what makes the development of the Persistent Universe so unique and special.
Org Topics: Social Module, Non-linear Development Pipeline, Beta Fatigue, Game Development Model

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