Star Citizen on Social Media!

Star Citizen on Social Media!

Social media! It’s everywhere! There seems to be no way to escape it!

All kidding aside, social media has become a great way for our team members to connect directly to the fans, not necessarily about Star Citizen, but about our shared interests and activities. We’re more alike than we realized! Because one of our favorite parts of the development process is connecting with backers and sharing our thoughts and ideas… here’s an updated list of Star Citizen staff that want to share their social media with you!

Of course, social media is not your source for Star Citizen news. Our Facebook and Twitter primarily link back to the Comm-Link, which is the ‘newspaper of record’ for Star Citizen. But they’re still a great way to connect to the team, to share your support and to stay in touch with Star Citizen on the go. We feel strongly that the Roberts Space Industries website should be the first place official news is revealed… but we’re aim to continue making our social outreach more fun, too. Additionally, many individual developers have their own social media feeds that they are willing to share with the community (listed below.)

Here are the official Social Media channels for Star Citizen:


Cloud Imperium Games Facebook




CIG Citizens

PLEASE NOTE: These are the personal feeds of Cloud Imperium Games’ developers. The statements and opinions expressed do not represent Cloud Imperium Games, and should not be taken as the final word on any element of game design or planning. The following developers are willing to connect with backers and share information about their lives when possible:

Chris Roberts
Sandi Gardiner
Ben Lesnick
Jared Huckaby
Alexis Lesnick
Thomas Hennessy
Eric Kieron Davis
Darian Vorlick
Karl Jones
David Swofford
Calix Reneau
Tyler Witkin
Robert Gaither
Matthew Lightfoot
Patrick Probst
Romulo Espinosa
Calvin Williams
Lee Amarakoon
Ashley Canning”
Rich Welsh
Brian Chambers
Matt Johns
Amanda Davis
Cherie Heiberg
Henry Davis
Sean Noonan
Steve Bender
Jason Cole
Keegan Standifer

Thank you Citizens… and do not be afraid to hit us up on social media!

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