Star Citizen Alpha 2.1.1 Available!

Star Citizen Alpha 2.1.1 Available!

Greetings Citizens,

We have pushed the Star Citizen Alpha 2.1.1 patch to the live servers! Alpha 2.1.1 makes a number of balance updates and bug fixes to the 2.1 release launched last week. Thank you to our dedicated PTU players for helping us test and develop this patch; it should make for a better Star Citizen experience for everyone! You can download Alpha 2.1.1 via the Star Citizen launcher, and you can find a full list of bug fixes and changes in the Alpha 2.1.1 patch notes here.

Bug Reporting

Remember, while there’s a lot to explore in Alpha 2.1.1 the game still just a portion of the Star Citizen experience! You can help the team improve future releases by reporting bugs and other issues using the Star Citizen Issue Council. The amazing feedback from STar Citizen backers is what has allowed us to interate on the PTU so quickly, and we’re eager for feedback about the Live release as well. You can access the Issue Council here.

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