Reverse the Verse Recap

Reverse The Verse Episode 47

It was another great week on Reverse The Verse! The CommuniTeam was happy to sit down and spend an hour with you, and here are some of the highlights from our hangout!

Top 5 Things from Reverse The Verse #47

1. Jump Point is out!

Our subscribers were treated to a brand new edition of Jump Point on Friday. Check out more of Ben’s great in-fiction work, as well as an inaugural article by James Pugh!

2. James and Lando are sleep-deprived BFFs for charity!

For 24 hours, James and Lando will be live streaming as a part of the 8-Bit Salute, supporting Operation Supply Drop. Stop by the CIGCommunity Twitch channel to say hi! THEY’RE LIVE RIGHT NOW! (Saturday 10AM-Sunday 10AM)

3. The Reliant is coming…and it’s AWESOME.

Confirmed as a future starter ship in the Star Citizen universe, Ben was able to confirm our next concept sale will be the MISC Reliant, priced at $ 50. Designed by Dave Hobbins and decked out with Xi’an tech, the CommuniTeam’s excitement for this ship was palpable.

4. Nobody is interested in an RTV Sports segment…unless it’s SATABall!

Described as “Space rugby with a stun gun in a zero-g environment,” it’s safe to say SATABall could provide more highlights than a Game-6 NBA playoff game. (Go Rockets!)
Sidenote: We are all very proud of Ben for feigning interest in pro sports.

5. The FPS is a Space Wizard?!

It arrives precisely when it means to. Travis Day gave us five minutes of rapid-fire updates again, and we can’t wait for the upcoming release of the FPS. He covers one-shot kills, the stun mechanic, and dual-wield guns. We want Star Marine!

That’s it! We hope you enjoyed this week’s episode and continue to tune in every Friday!

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