Reverse the Verse Recap

Reverse the Verse #52

We’re still reeling from this week’s exhaustive E3 activities—but we were sure to throw in a unexpected surprise or two this week on RTV! Check out the highlights in our Top 5 below, or you could always click the video above for the replay.

Special Note: This week’s RTV is in two parts! Click on the YouTube annotation within the video to watch part two with Ben, or simply click HERE.

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Top 5 Things from Reverse The Verse #52

1. E3 is a beast of a convention

Offsite parties, gaming demos, and convention halls packed with other industry people—there’s a whole lot to see at E3 every year, and CIG took full advantage. With most people spending Thursday exploring the gaming space, there was plenty to report from all angles. It was safe to say a personal highlight for all of us was seeing Will Lewis happy and healthy!

2. The Sneak Peek delivered more UI goodness

We saw Zane tour us around the Scythe UI earlier this week in ATV, but did you know the Sneak Peek was also an in-game user interface? The Shubin mining station is currently being built out, and we got our hands on an early mock-up of a user terminal. Cool stuff!

3. SOON. Star Marine is in review!

From play testing to general release meetings, Star Marine is getting closer and closer to a public patch. CIG employees are hard at work to ensure that the delay of the game is well worth it, as a bad game is simply a bad game. And we certainly don’t want that! Stay tuned in the following weeks for more information, we’re just as excited for it as you are.

4. The Starliner is coming!

In a surprise second-half episode of RTV, Ben revealed that the concept sale next week will be for the Genesis Starliner! An old friend from the Wingman community, Chris Reed, is actively helping build out the ship. The Starliner is in good hands, as Chris is an engineer at Boeing! Expect more information about the development of the Genesis Starliner in the weeks ahead!

5. We need more Twitch streamers!

Are you a backer of Star Citizen? Do you stream to Twitch regularly and want to grow your audience? Well we want to feature YOU after an episode of Reverse The Verse! Every week, we highlight a fellow streamer and hook them up with our hosting audience after RTV ends at noon. We also have been known to supply a giveaway or two…

Want to know more? Send Jenny a message in the forums! Include a quick description of your streaming style and a link to your channel!

That’s it! We hope you enjoyed this week’s episode and continue to tune in every Friday!

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