Reverse the Verse Recap

Reverse the Verse Recap – Episode 49

It was another great week on Reverse The Verse! The CommuniTeam was happy to sit down and spend an hour with you, and here are some of the highlights from our hangout!

Top 5 Things from Reverse The Verse #49

1. We love Which Glitch! And the QA Team!

For the first half of RTV this week, Jenny sat down with the QA guys from Austin to talk Which Glitch?, the newest segment on Around The Verse. Featuring Jeffrey Pease, Tyler Witkin and Andrew Hesse, Which Glitch? turns everyday bugs into extraordinary pieces of amusement.

2. Lisa can now be referred to as “Ship Shape”

Her name is Lisa Ohanian, but now CIG’s production coordinator can simply be known as “Ship Shape”. While not any shorter than her real name, it seems her ATV segment has consumed her identity as well! Fans in the comments during Reverse The Verse seemed to have better luck getting their questions answered simply by calling Lisa “Ship Shape.” Perhaps the trend will continue?

3. Matt Sherman has an impressive Imperial hoodie!

We at CIG love our nerd culture. It should come as no surprise to anyone that our technical designer rocks a Stormtrooper hoodie on a daily basis. We even got to see the fully-zipped look with completed helmet!

4. The best part of the FPS?

Travis was asked what one piece of “hype material” about the FPS he would want to convey to the viewers. His response? Let’s get a quick blurb from INN:

“Coolest thing about the FPS is not even in the module, it’s what it makes possible. Once there’s a working FPS module, more things will be possible like AC 2.0, zero-G from one ship to another, and killing the pilot of the enemy ship and taking it over. The FPS is most exciting because it enables the whole First-Person Universe.”

5. The Reliant is leaving the store soon!

If you haven’t picked up your own MISC Reliant, this is your last weekend to do so! Available through June 1st, the third starter ship in Star Citizen has everyone in the office excited. It’s their favorite starter! Check out The MISC Reliant

That’s it! We hope you enjoyed this week’s episode and continue to tune in every Friday!

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