Reverse the Verse Recap

Reverse The Verse Episode 48

It was another great week on Reverse The Verse! The CommuniTeam was happy to sit down and spend an hour with you, and here are some of the highlights from our hangout!

Top 5 Things from Reverse The Verse #48

1. The Reliant has arrived!

We were all happy to see the Reliant post go up early this morning, so we could talk ship details with you! We had Matt Sherman and Lisa Ohanian stop by to answer fan questions about our newest starter ship! If you haven’t checked out The MISC Reliant, stop by our post for the concept sale!

2. Super Mario Buddies is a thing…and James has “proof”

We learned that the guys are planning a new podcast…with the highly contentious name Super Mario Buddies. Whose title will reign supreme? Only time will tell…until then, check out the sweet cover art James whipped up with his photoshop skills.

3. Puns are here to stay!

It is quite obvious everyone here at CIG are fans of a good pun…and even a bad one from time to time. We had some fun on Friday picking out some fun “Xi’An” puns from the chat, and it was agreed that “Xi’An Claude Vanduul” was the best of the lot.

4. CIG is play testing the FPS!

We have begun our company-wide play testing of the FPS module, Star Marine. This will provide us with valuable feedback that we can leverage to make the best game possible!

5. Moms (and Dads!) love Reverse the Verse!

Shout out to the CIG parents! Lisa revealed that her mom watches Reverse The Verse, and has even influenced the future segments of Ship Shape, thanks to reading YOUR comments! Forrest and James also used RTV this week to say hi to their respective parents. It’s a family affair!

That’s it! We hope you enjoyed this week’s episode and continue to tune in every Friday!

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