Retaliator Modules Available

Retaliator Modules Available

Greetings Citizens,

Time to put the bombs away: modular interiors are here! As you saw during the Gamescom presentation, the Aegis Dynamics Retaliator bomber is our ‘test case’ for a multicrew ship in Arena Commander 2.0. But the Retaliator’s job doesn’t stop there: along with the Cutlass, it will be the first ship to have functioning modular interiors! Today we’re going to present the first five additional Retaliator modules and make them available for pledges for the next week. Existing Retaliators have two modular bays which can be swapped out in your Hangar. The versions available earlier in the campaign included two bomb bays, for maximum combat punch. Now, we’re giving you more options to use your retired bombers in the ‘Verse! You can build your own cargo, troopship or personal transport variants or you can mix-and-match to build the perfect ship. Want one bomb bay and one living space? One cargo area and one dropship are? The choice is yours!

Living Space (Front and Rear)

Your home away from home! The front and rear living quarters turn your Retaliator into a miniature hangar, complete with space to make your own. Standard equipment includes a retractable dining table, holo-screen, personal storage area and drink machine (front) or a sink, personal storage area, two couches, retractable table and holo-screen (rear) but can be configured to your specifications!

Front Living ModuleFront Living Module Rear Living ModuleRear Living Module

Cargo (Front and Rear)

Replace your bomb bays with cargo! Each option (front and rear) includes the ability to add 20 Standard Cargo Units of freight and an independent lift platform for maximum loading speed. The lift platforms lower to the ground for easy loading and can be raised/lowered from either the station on the platform or from the ship’s interior.

Front Cargo ModuleFront Cargo Module Rear Cargo ModuleRear Cargo Module

Dropship (Front Only)

Front Dropship ModuleFront Dropship Module

Get ready for the amphibious assault! The Retaliator’s dropship module has seats for twelve troopers complete with safety harnesses and two heavy weapon racks in the middle of the lift. The outer ring of the bay serves as an armory, including two grenade/ammunition cases, four rifle racks, two sidearm racks and energy recharge stations for all standard power armor.

Torpedo Bays

Standard equipment for most UEE military Retaliators, the ship was designed to mount two torpedo bays. The forward bay carries four torpedoes while the rear bay adds two more.

Forward BayForward Bay Rear BayRear Bay


Want to build your own Retaliator from the ground up? Pick up an empty hull today and choose the modules you want!

Cargo modules

Living modules

Torpedo bays

Dropship module

Details of the Sale

We are offering these pledge modules to help fund Star Citizen’s development. All of these components will be available for in-game credits in the final universe, and they are not required to start the game. The goal is to make additional ship configurations available that give players a different experience rather than a particular advantage when the persistent universe launches. As a concept sale, newly introduced items will include LTI. This includes the unladen hull and all five new modules. Existing Retaliator bombers being offered again and the torpedo bay modules will include two year insurance rather than LTI.

The Retaliator modules are being offered for the first time as a limited concept sale. This means that the designs meets our specifications, but are not yet ready to display in your Hangar or to fight in Arena Commander. If you’d like to add a module to your fleet, they’re available in the pledge store until Monday August 17. You can also view a detail of the Retaliator in the Tech Overview of the ship page!

The Future

There are more Retaliator modules in the pipeline! As the mechanics behind various persistent universe roles begin to take their final form, we will be developing additional modules to support different jobs. These include cryo-stasis pods for bounty hunters, medical equipment, recharging stations for Titan armor, salvage equipment and more. Stay tuned—your ships are getting more versatile!

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