Press Roundup

Press Roundup

The Star Citizen team is hard at work on Dogfighting and this week’s Hangar patch, but that doesn’t mean the press hasn’t continued to report on the project!

Crowd Fund Insider recently posted an article on that posed the question (based on a subreddit posting), “Is Star Citizen On Pace to Crowdfund $ 100 Million? Sound ridiculous? Even the OP admits that the number seems far-fetched, but at this point we wouldn’t put anything past Chris Roberts and his team.” You can read the entire article which lays out how SC might reach the $ 100M milestone here.

Another article that has created a lot of attention recently was from Ten Ton Hammer. In an exclusive interview, Chris Roberts clarified how the money raised would be used to develop Star Citizen and he defused concerns that more money means more features which means longer development cycles and the dreaded launch delays.

“Everyone sees us expanding the scope of the game, but we’re additionally expanding the team to meet those new needs. For instance, we also just added a new team in Manchester, UK that will be led by my brother, Erin. These are some of the same guys that worked on Privateer, so they know what they’re doing. Also, we’re expanding wide as well as deep, so we don’t just bring on people to handle new components like the boarding actions. We also add to existing teams so that they can do more as well.”

Chris went on to say that the game is still scheduled to come out in 2015.

The Ten Ton Hammer article was picked up by a number of outlets including Massively, Polygon and GamingBolt.

Of course there were the notes from the media over the various million dollar milestones reached earlier this month. Some examples:

  • TweakTown – “Star Citizen breaks through $ 30 million of funding, will it stop? No”
  • Joystiq – “Star Citizen reaches $ 31 million, no wait, make that $ 32 million”
  • Lazy Gamer/South Africa – “Star Citizen just won’t stop raising cash”
  • GamerFront – “Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen Has Raised $ 34 Million!”

Finally we’ll end on an optimistic note from popular game blogging site, Kotaku. Mike Fahey reacted to the recent posting about Star Citizen’s Organization System. That posting received a lot of positive feedback from the press including Fahey who ended his article this way, “With plenty of future updates planned for the system, including guild forms and blogs, it sounds like Star Citizen is going to be fully-formed long before the full game is released. Good for them.”

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