PAX East: Organization Activity Winners

PAX East: Organization Activity Winners

Greetings Citizens,

We’re excited to announce the winners of the Star Citizen Organization contest! Six groups (two small, two medium and two large) will have the opportunity to send members for a private meeting with Chris Roberts before the PAX East Star Citizen event!

Winners were the Organizations ranked as most active since the launch of the Org system. Activity includes a number of factors beyond overall member count. Each of the following Orgs is eligible to send three members to meet with Chris at 6 PM on April 10th (location TBA.) Organization leaders have been informed and will be responsible for submitting the names of their attendees.


  • QQOP – The Oppression
  • AEQUITAS – Aequitas Interstellar Risk


  • CFT – Confederation of Free Traders
  • COVE – Cosmic Ventures


  • LAMP – Loose Association of Mercenaries and Privateers
  • XPLORXPLOR Self Sufficient Deep Space Exploration

Are you interested in attending the Star Citizen event in Boston? It’s your chance to meet the team behind the Dogfighting Module and see firsthand what’s next for Star Citizen! You can learn more here and sign up; free tickets are still available!

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