Origin 325a Now Flyable!

Origin 325a Now Flyable!

Greetings Citizens,

The Origin 325a is now flyable in Arena Commander! The 325a is Origin’s military-focused variant of their popular 300-series spacecraft line, and today’s update represents the first step in adding our ‘back catalog’ of Aurora, 300 and Hornet variants to the game.

If you’re a 325a pilot, get out there and try your ship. Your feedback will be instrumental in improving and balancing the ship (and others) going forward! Today’s Arena Commander patch also addressed several other minor issues; you can find the full patch notes here. The team is also hard at work on 0.9.2, a more significant patch to address larger Arena Commander issues.

To learn more about the 325a, you can study the ship specifications and holoviewer model below. Tf you’re interested in pledging for one, links are available below. The previously-released 300-series brochure is available for download here.

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