New Patches!

New Patches!

Greetings Citizens,

We’re launching new patches today… but we aren’t updating the Hangar Module! The Star Citizen pledge store now lists a new collection of patches. For $ 18, backers can purchase a set of three cloth patches showing the Star Citizen, Squadron 42 and Roberts Space Industries logos. Perfect for decorating a jacket, bag or anywhere else you want to show your Star Citizen pride! Pick yours up here.

Development subscribers also have the option to purchase a set of five ship patches (pictured below.) Showing off Star Citizen’s initial set of pledge ships, these cloth patches honor the Aurora, 300i, Hornet, Freelancer and Constellation. To learn more about becoming a subscriber, click here.

(Patches shown are prototypes; the lettering on ‘EARTH’ has been corrected for the final run!)

Jump Point Collection

The Jump Point Volume 1 book is going to press! A limited number are still available in the pledge store… but they’re going fast! For $ 80, you get a handsome printed edition containing thirteen issues of the subscriber-only Jump Point magazine in full color! Jump Point is the true chronicle of Star Citizen’s development, featuring everything from step-by-step work in progress stories of ship development to exclusive Star Citizen fiction available nowhere else. Get yours while you can!

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