May 2948 Subscriber Flair

May 2948 Subscriber Flair


When the chips are down, your number’s up, and the odds are stacked against you, nothing levels the playing field like Kastak Arms’ Devastator semi-automatic shotgun. Now available with this exclusive ICC Voyager finish, the Devastator will have you clearing rooms with impeccable style and remorseless brutality. Its high-impact plasma blasts are ideal for unleashing close-range bedlam, and it’s also an adept intimidation tool – even the most desperate outlaws tend to be a lot more reasonable, staring down the barrel of a Devastator.

Imperator Subscribers

Imperator-level subscribers will receive the exclusive Pathfinder variant, along with the Voyager finish.

If you’re an active subscriber, these items will be added to your account on May 9th. More information about subscriptions can be found here!

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