March 2948 Subscriber Flair

March 2948 Subscriber Flair


The brave men and women of the UEE Marine CORPS have seen it all, and now you can recreate their most daring missions and harrowing assignments, without risking the loss of life and limb. This new Tekuetsu action figure comes equipped with a realistic laser pistol and Legacy Armor, so you can relive the UEE’s most infamous battles, both historical and imagined, in senses-shattering miniature.

Imperator Subscribers

Imperator-level subscribers will receive a unique variant of each flair item, along with the standard version.

If you’re an active subscriber, the flair will be attributed to your account today. If you subscribe over the weekend, the flair will be added to your account on March 15th. More information about subscriptions can be found here!

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