Kruger Intergalactic P-52 Merlin now available!

Kruger Intergalactic P-52 Merlin on sale!

The Merlin is here!

Originally designed to pair with the RSI Constellation, the P-52 Merlin is now available to all pilots! A dedicated parasite fighter, the Merlin is designed to be transported from place to place aboard a larger ship. Boasting a centerline Gatling cannon and a Lightning Power engine, the Merlin is a fast, maneuverable ship that packs a surprising punch! Ideal for racing, local reconnaissance and fast combat.

Backers who own the Constellation Andromeda and the Constellation Aquila can fly their Merlins today! Additionally, pilots who have a Constellation Phoenix, 890 Jump, Idris or Carrack in their fleets will be awarded a loaner Merlin in place of their parasite ships that are still in development. Early reviews say that the Merlin is a joy to fly: a true artist’s ship!

About the Merlin

The P-52 is a versatile short-range fighter designed to offer support in combat situations as well as reconnaissance. Kruger Intergalactic’s first foray into Starships is nothing other then a marvel. The P-52 Merlin (which comes stock in some models of the RSI Constellation) benefits form decades of research into ergonomic design and a company eager to prove itself.

The opportunity to do so came thanks to their long standing relationship with RSI who was looking to outsource production on the small short range vessel that was to be packaged with their Constellation line. Kruger won the bid and produced the P-52 and P-72 for RSI both which heavily featured Kruger parts and weapons.

Do I need to buy a Merlin?

NO! Remember: we are offering these pledge ships to help fund Star Citizen’s development and because of player demand. All of these ships will be available for in-game credits in the final universe, and they are not required to start the game. The design goal is to make additional ships available that give players a different experience rather than a particular advantage when the persistent universe launches. Every sale supports expanding Star Citizen’s overall development, but none are required to gain full enjoyment from the game.

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