Intergalactic Aerospace Expo, Day Five: Anvil

A Word From Anvil …

Since the company’s inception, the UEE has not waged a military campaign without Anvil Aerospace ships at the forefront. Ships like the Hornet and Gladiator have redefined the battlefield with the Hornet destroying more enemy hardware than all other active Navy space fighters combined. With such a strong track record and reputation, it’s no surprise Anvil has found success in the civilian markets too.

Besides building iconic fighters, Anvil’s ship line-up has expanded to include long-range exploration and scanning ships, like the Carrack and Terrapin respectively, and even a dedicated repair ship, the Crucible. Despite the focus on different disciplines, each spacecraft has been expertly designed and built to last.

If the UEE trusts Anvil Aerospace to protect the Empire, then you can trust it to protect yours.

Where are they now?

Anvil ships fight harder! The entire Hornet lineup and the Gladiator are flyable in Star Citizen Alpha 2.5, and the special edition variant will be added in 2.6. The military version of the Hornet, the F7A, was recently completed for use in Squadron 42. The Carrack, Crucible and Terrapin are in the concept phase and will move on to implementation shortly (likely in that order.) An additional Anvil design is in the works right now, a sturdy, older fighting ship.

Anvil Intro Pack

From patrolling a sector against Vanduul incursion to resolving a conflict with hostiles, this introductory collection of ships from Anvil is ready to tackle a variety of offensive and defensive missions.

Anvil Mega Pack

This collection of ships from Anvil is the perfect opportunity to own and fly the civilian versions of many of the spacecraft that the UEE Navy uses to defend our Empire.

The Aegis Sabre Comet

Created as part of the ‘Masters of Flight’ series in conjunction with the flight-sim Arena Commander, the Comet pays tribute to famed pilot Captain Kamur Dalion for his work with Aegis to usher in a new era of combat ship design. This Sabre comes equipped with a specialized dogfighting focused loadout and a custom special edition livery honoring this iconic ship.

Meet the Pilot

One of the many heroes to emerge from the infamous Battle of Idris IV, famed dogfighter Captain Kamur Dalion was recruited by Aegis Dynamics to be a military advisor upon his retirement from the Navy. Company historians have shown that his original recruitment owed more to his personal relationship to Ivar Messer, but within a few years of working for the ship manufacturer, Dalion had ingratiated himself with the design team. He would repeatedly insist that if Aegis was going to be paying him, he was damn well going to work.

His decades of combat experience provided the company with keen insight about how real starmen would use the crafts in the field. Dalion was even known to do off-the- records test piloting of ships himself, but the lasting monument to his time with the company has to be the Aegis Comet light fighter.

Built from the ground up with Dalion’s supervision, the Comet was an entirely new kind of fighter and the proving ground for much of the tech and design that would distinguish Aegis in the centuries to come. Nimble and deadly, the Comet was an instant hit with pilots and remains a much loved ship of the era, earning almost a revered status in large part to its extremely short production run. Considered expensive even for a military ship and requiring highly specialized parts and repair, the Comet was quickly retired in favor of later generation ships, but its legacy remains apparent even in Aegis Dynamics’ most recent fighter, the Sabre. To honor his numerous contributions to the field, a special Kamur Dalion edition Sabre has been commissioned featuring a custom hull that matches the original look of the Comet and a select armament that the decorated combat pilot would have surely approved of.

Capital Ships

As announced during the anniversary livestream, a limited number of Idris-P and Javelin class capital ships will be available over the weekend. UEE War Bond editions will be available in four allotments to allow Citizens around the world an opportunity. Each allotment will include 200 Idris-P frigates and 50 Javelin destroyers. War Bond times are 3pm Pacific on Friday, 9pm Pacific on Friday, 3am Pacific on Saturday and 9am Pacific on Sunday. A final allotment which may be purchased with store credit will be available at 9am Pacific on Sunday.








Straight from annals of history comes one of the most legendary ships of the First Tevarin War, beautifully and meticulously recreated by the dedicated craftsman and astroengineers at Esperia. Designated “Prowler” by the UPE Navy pilots who first encountered it in battle, this Tevarin armored personnel carrier developed a fearsome reputation for infiltrating enemy stations and ships and delivering teams of Naulle, elite Tevarin boarders, to wreak havoc on unsuspecting Humans.

Now, centuries later, Esperia is making this unique ship once again available to collectors and military enthusiasts alike, preserving the feel and design of the Tevarin original while updating it to modern standards of efficiency and safety. And like all of Esperia’s ships, these are more than mere showpieces, these works of art were made to fly.

Behind Enemy Lines

There is a reason that the Prowler made its mark on history. At the time, the ship was one of the most advanced and cutting edge pieces of combat technology to grace a battlefield, and Esperia’s Prowler continues that tradition today. An ideal vessel for infiltration, boarding, troop deployment, extraction, fleet security and stealth missions, the Prowler’s distinctive hull can not only hold 16 persons, but it can rapidly deploy them thanks to its series of airshield portals. While common today, airshields were first developed by the Tevarin and changed the face of war thanks to the ease in which their troops could move in and out of the Prowler.

Overall, the Tevarin’s expertise in shields far outpaced Humanities own as exemplified by the Phalanx Shield that comes standard with the Prowler. A point defense shield that provides a very strong but limited protective face, the Phalanx Shield was one of the reasons that the Prowler became such a significant defensive force when flown in a squad with shields deployed and its wide variety of defensive countermeasures at the ready.

In addition, the Prowler’s Grav-Lev plates give additional flight control when traversing along uneven surfaces. This comes quite in handy when trying to position the Prowler alongside a large capital ship or inside a planetary fortification. As does the remote turret positioned along the upper spine for full 360 offense.

From silently infiltrating an unsuspecting enemy hangar to charging in to get forces where they’re most needed, the Esperia Prowler is a piece of history ready to make a whole bunch more.

Visit the Prowler


Learn more about the Prowler with this Esperia catalog.

Read the brochure



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Concept sale

About the Sale

The Prowler is being offered for the first time as a limited concept sale. This means that the ship design meets our specifications, but it is not yet ready to display in your Hangar, fight in Arena Commander or fly in the Alpha. The sale includes Lifetime Insurance on the ship hull and a pair of decorative items for your Hangar. A future patch will add a Prowler poster and then once the in-game model is finished you will also be given an in-game Prowler mini ship model! In the future, the ship price will increase and the offer will not include Life Time Insurance or these extras.

Merchandise Sale


Remember: we are offering this pledge ship to help fund Star Citizen’s development. The funding generated by sales such as this is what allows us to include deeper, non-combat oriented features in the Star Citizen world. Concept ships will be available for in-game credits in the final universe, and they are not required to start the game.

Additionally, please note that the Prowler will be entering the ship pipeline now, it will ultimately be released after other concept ships have been completed. All decorative ‘flare’ items will also be available to acquire in the finished game world. The goal is to make additional ships available that give players a different experience rather than a particular advantage when the persistent universe launches.

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