Help The Herald

Help the Herald

It’s full speed ahead with PAX East approaching in a few short weeks! We’re sending our best and brightest to bring you the latest information about the FPS module being developed by Illfonic.

We are itching to show you some of the cool stuff we’ve got cooking, but our Herald carrying the information has been damaged in transit! We need your help restoring power to the damaged generator to decrypt the image below. Boost the power of the Herald’s generator by supporting CIG at PAX East!

HOW TO #HelpTheHerald

1. Attend our PAX East event! You can buy tickets HERE.
2. Like and share the image from Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #HelpTheHerald.
3. Send us your best guess for what the image is!

As PAX East approaches, the image will come into focus. We currently have 25% of the image decrypted and are working towards 50% clarity, but we need your assistance. Our systems show that if we sell another 100 tickets we will have enough power to give the decryption process another chance. So let’s #HelpTheHerald!

UPDATE: We collected the energy of 100+ retweets, and the Herald was able to further decrypt the image! We’re now at 50% and were able to find this hidden message…

Citizens attending PAX East 2015 in Boston will be the first to play the unreleased FPS module and go head to head against the CIG devs!

UPDATE: PAX East is upon us and we have finally decrypted the image! We’ve also found another hidden message…

Chris will be at the Logitech booth on Sunday March 8th at 11 am so he can sign autographs and chat with fans!

RSI Comm-Link

In this video we take a look at some minor changes in Patch 1.0.1a as well as see how I prefer to fit my Cutlass for the time being, to fight with in Arena C…