Hangar Updated

Hangar Updated

Greetings Citizens,

A new patch for the Hangar module has been released! This is a smaller cleanup patch, which corrects a number of issues with the Hangar’s Oculus Rift support. These updates include true stereo rendering, orientation prediction and keyboard commands to toggle the Rift on and off and to recenter the view. Today’s patch also includes some flare! The Star Citizen UEE Observist towels rewarded to all who backed before reaching $ 42 million will now appear in your Hangars.

And if you’re a development subscriber, you’ll get your first piece of flare starting tomorrow, May 9! May’s item is an interactive calendar, which shows the current date in the Star Citizen universe and lets you examine some future holidays. Additional calendars will be available to gift to others for $ 5 each in the Subscriber store. Remember that all flare included as subscriber perks will also be available in-game in the persistent universe. (Anyone who subscribes this weekend will also receive a calendar, attributed Monday.)

You can view the complete patch notes here.

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