Gladiator in Hangar with Arena Commander v0.9.2.2 Release!

Greetings Citizen,

Arena Commander V0.9.2.2 is now live! This is a minor patch, but the most exciting part is the introduction of Anvil Gladiator to the hangar. The Anvil Gladiator is the UEE premiere carrier-based torpedo-plane and space-to-ground dive bomber. You can update your copy of Star Citizen through the launcher now!

v0.9.2.2 Patch Notes


  • Gladiator is now hangar ready
  • Added Holiday Wreath to game files but it is not yet visible in game
  • Added drunk effect for the Liquor Cabinet (Please drink responsibly)

Known Issues:

  • Strafe up and down is inconsistent in Hornet
  • Power plant explosions don’t inherit velocity of the ship they emanate from
  • Wingmen stop flying between waves in Vanduul Swarm
  • Wingman don’t react to being shot by allies
  • Game Client steals mouse focus when loading into the hangar

This patch also adds the festive holiday decorations which will be enabled very soon.

RSI Comm-Link

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