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Every year we turn to the seething and often unwashed masses of Humanity, the hoi polloi if you will, that is you, our loyal fans, and ask the ultimate gearhead question: “What is the best spaceship flying today?” Being an arbiter of judicious and impeccable taste, I could, of course, simply go ahead and tell you what the best ship is, but that’s hardly likely to inspire the same level of drunken debate that employing democracy will. So come on! Tell us which craft is most deserving of praise. The dependable workhorse? The cutting edge speedster? The ugly abomination that no one appreciates except for you? Place your vote and be heard. And better yet, fight about it!

Going on the chopping block today are two of our favorite racers, which, as luck would have it, are both manufactured by Origin.

Origin M50

The M50 continues to delight speed freaks with its agility and raw power provided by its twin ACOM powerplants. Yes, some other ships can beat it on a straightaway, but take it out onto a racecourse with full twists and turns and you’ll begin to see why this little beaut draws so many loyal pilots into its slim cockpit.

Origin 350R

The 350R on the other hand, packs a different sort of punch. Larger and heavier than the M50, the 350R holds its own by delivering speed on demand with the 4.3 twin Hammers versus the M50’s 4.2s. While some might feel that the 350R’s roomy interior is unnecessary, it sure doesn’t hurt when you’re showing off for a date.

So, there you have it. What say you? Which racer is the ultimate and which doesn’t deserve to keep your farts warm? Only you can decide!


About the Poll + Free test flight!

Attention Citizens! The battle of the speedsters is on: we’ve unlocked the M50 and the 350R for use by all backers through Friday, September 9. Take them out for a test flight and then cast your vote right here for which deserves the title of Galactic Tour’s Fan Favorite Racer. The winning ship will also return to the pledge store the following week, so choose wisely. See you on the racetrack!

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