Fan Spotlight: Wallpapers Round 3

Fan Spotlight: Wallpaper Round 3

Hello everybody and welcome to this week’s Fan Spotlight. With a new year upon us, we thought that you’d like to spruce up your wallpaper selections and we’ve picked out a few of our favorites from the community. So let’s get started!

The Switchblade

You may remember st. Paulus’ Switchblade made an appearance on one of our Fan Ship Spotlights, and today it makes a grand return in wallpaper format. We love this ship and happy to see st. Paulus showing it off in such grand fashion. Fantastic work.

Crash Landed Connie

Icemaneli186 takes a darker approach towards this wallpaper, but what attracted us to this one is the planet. The forest and buildings are vibrant and bring light to a dark scene. Also, it doesn’t hurt that one of the humans looks a bit like Star-Lord.


It was extremely difficult to pick which Maximus wallpaper to put up because he continously creates amazing art. Finally we decided to pick this Merchantman piece because of the atmosphere that the ship and it’s surroundings bring. If you like this I highly suggest that you check out his other work.

RSI Logo

Drawing inspiration from the new Around the Verse intro, Hell von Raizer takes a crack on how different flame effects would look on the RSI logo. Out of the four he created, this was the one that stood out to us, but we suggest you check out his others. They’re all pretty great.

Thanks to everybody who spends time creating these amazing wallpapers. If you know or have a wallpaper that we missed, let us know below. Thanks and we’ll see you next week!

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