Fan Spotlight: Wallpaper

Fan Spotlight: Wallpaper

Let’s face it, you need a new wallpaper. You’ve been using that old one for far too long and your monitor needs a face lift. Well don’t worry, we’ve got some amazing fan made backgrounds to make your computer really pop. Check them out below!


We’ll start with Shaderkul’s rendition of the Xian Scout. The color of the thrusters works well with the rest of the piece. In fact, CIG’s own James Pugh likes this one so much that he uses it on his personal computer!

Here is the link to Shaderkul’s work


Next we have Kestrel who has a fondness for the colors blue and purple. While he posted a few wallpapers, this piece stood from the rest.

Here is the link to Kestrel’s work


Misconception shows just how beautiful space can be in his piece titled Ready, Set, Jump. The mixture of colors and his illusion of speed works well.

Here is the link to Misconception’s work


Stepping back from the bright colors, Sebman posted this dark and menacing Scythe. It’s unforgiving gaze is enough to strike fear into any pilot.

Here is the link to Sebman’s work

Our fans continue to astonish us every day with their art. If you have a favorite wallpaper we don’t highlight let us know below! See you next week.

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