Fan Spotlight: Voice Attack Profiles

Voice Attack, a program which players can use their words to tell their ship to perform certain tasks, is being utilized by many of our Arena Commander pilots. Aside from telling your ship what to do, Voice Attack is highly customizable to use any sort of voice profile you want. In fact, if you can’t find a voice profile you like, you can make your own! Below we’ve listed a few of our favorite voice profiles being used in Star Citizen.

Cobbler’s Cylon

Have you ever wanted to yell at a Cylon? Well look no further. Cobblers has taken his love for Battlestar Galactica and created a voice profile so you can tell a Cylon voice exactly what to do! Now we just have to wonder if Cobblers is really a human.

Check out his page here!

Kenetor’s Jarvis

Next up, Kenetor lets us fulfill our dreams and step into Tony Stark’s shoes. That’s right, the one and only Jarvis can help you fly around in Arena Commander and make sure that you’re targeting the correct enemy. A definite must have for any fellow Marvel fans out there.

Check his page out here!

Locke Ravenford’s Pirate

For those who want a more dastardly approach, Locke Ravenford has got the profile for you! That’s right, Locke’s pirate voice can accompany your nefarious acts in space. Now you can truly sing Yo Ho as you take out your enemies.

Check out his page here!

Confused Monkeh’s Anna

Anna has quickly become the most popular Voice Attack profile so far. Created by ConfusedMonkeh, Anna is a fan favorite not just because of how helpful she is, but her bit of sass and attitude adds a bit of personality as you fly.

Check out his page here!

Trendane’s VAP

Lastly, Starcast veteran Trendane has finally completed his voice attack profile. Commonly used by popular streamer WTFosaurus, Trendane is a fantastic profile that is sure to help you gain the edge in any battle.

Check out his page here!

Thanks to everybody who helped creating these voice attack profiles. It’s fantastic to see a community coming together to yell at their ships. This truly is the future. If you have a voice attack profile that we left out leave it below! We’ll see you next week!

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