Fan Spotlight: Videos

Welcome citizens to another Fan Spotlight. Videos are hard to make. We put out at least three a week for our backers and it take a dedicated team just to keep up. We have searched through the verse and found some fan made videos that we find funny, sweet, and sometimes touching. We may start to sound like a broken record but the dedication, creativity, and love of our backers is what makes Star Citizen so special and what makes us work so hard to make the game you all deserve.

First up we have Red Delta and his informative (and funny) video highlighting the dogfighting capabilities of the 300i. The voice acting is great in this video and the personality shines through.
Here is the link to Red Delta’s Post

Next up we have a music video from backer NexusLuke. He took footage from our trailers and created an exhilarating mix. The song playing over the mix captures the frantic nature of a dogfight.
Here is the link to NexusLuke’s post

Operation Pitchfork is arming and trying to rally the verse. Backer Sabotage has made a trailer highlighting the struggle against the Vanduul. The music plays a huge part in this video and it is expertly mixed. Sabotage said this was his first attempt at making a video, well done.
Here is the link to Sabotage’s post

Backer bman78 has created a series of funny videos with his family. Bman78’s children are none too happy with their father’s obsession with Star Citizen. Enjoying a game you love and being a part of the community is amazing in itself but being able to share that love with the most important people in your life is as close to perfection as I can think of.
Here is the link to bman78’s thread

Backer Poto has been messing around with CryEngine. He made a video showing how he thinks the planetside portion of Star Citizen might look. It is very impressive. The level of detail and possibilities in CryENGINE is amazing.
Here is the link to Poto’s post

This last video has already been highlighted but it is something special. Brigant70 uploaded this video months ago and it is still as touching as ever.

Thank you Citizens for your continued passion and creativity. Star Citizen is all of our game. Star Citizen is a promise, it is bman and his children, it is Operation Pitchfork, it is dogfighting. We should all be proud of each other for what we have accomplished so far. To the Stars.

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