Fan Spotlight: Streamers

Fan Spotlight Streamers

One of the greatest joys we get at CIG is when we watch people enjoying Arena Commander and see how passionate they are about being in space. Luckily, through the power of online streaming, we can see players take on waves of Vanduul or explore the stars whenever we want. We want to take some time to highlight a few streamers that have been entertaining us as we continue to work on Arena Commander.

The Romantics

Many of you may know Wes from his YouTube show “The Hull Truth”, but did you he’s also a very active streamer? Almost every day since Arena Commander has released he has streamed his experiences with the game for us all to enjoy.
Here is a link to The Romantic’s Twitch page


Nyaandere is another forum member that streams Arena Commander almost every day, but I dare say that she is one of the best pilots out there. She has technically defeated all 15 waves so if you’d like some tips and tricks I’d check her stream out.
Here is a link to Nyaandere’s twitch page


Fiendishfeather can also boast that he has defeated all 15 waves of Arena Commander, but offers an interesting viewpoint. Rather than showing his face, he uses his webcam to show his joystick so you can see his movements and potentially learn from his successes.
Here is a link to Fiendishfeather’s twitch page


While not much of a talker, Teksc2hot always offers a fun soundtrack to his gameplay. Most recently he used Star Wars music and sound bites from the characters over his Vanduul Swarm gameplay. A perfect mix for a fantastic stream.
Here is a link to Teksc2hot’s twitch page


Tlozada however takes a completely different approach and always talks. In fact, he even uses his voice to lock on and fire! That’s right, using voice commands Tlozada tells his ship what to do by using voice commands and it’s a blast to see him take on wave after wave of the Vanduul.
Here is a link to Tlozada’s twitch page

That’s just a small glimpse to the diverse streamers we have supporting our game. If you know of any more please leave them in the comments, and for all of you streamers out there, don’t be surprised if one of us stop by and say Hi. Thanks for being such an amazing community and we’ll see you next week with another Fan Spotlight.

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