Fan Spotlight: Star Citizen in other games!

It’s something special when you see a fan combine their love for Star Citizen and other games that they play. We are constantly humbled by our amazing community and love seeing how they take their passion for Star Citizen to the next level. So today we are exploring other gaming worlds and how a few of our fans have integrated Star Citizen into them.


We start with YouTuber iKerbals who has created the Constellation Phoenix in Kerbal Space Program found by forum member KillerHawk. Watching this ship take off was amazing, but for me the real delight was when he lowered the cargo bay and a little rover started driving around.

Here is the link to KillerHawk’s post


Next up is Nekouda who has combined Little Big Planet 2 and Star citizen. They’ve created the RSI logo in addition to the Aurora that you can actually fly around. Even better, Nekouda has included a link if you want to try his level out!

Here is the link to Nekouda’s post


Gamer217 has found this amazing Bengal Carrier Starmade. While we haven’t been able to find the creator, we thank them for the time and dedication it must have taken to create this beast of a ship.

Here is the link to Gamer217’s post


Lastly, TheFatCheetah has created a pilot skin for his Minecraft character. I doubt it will help much against angry Endermen but we can hope, right?

Here is the link to TheFatCheetah’s post

Thank you to everybody who has shown their love for Star Citizen in different games. If you have created anything or have a favorite let us know below! We’ll see you next week!

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