Fan Spotlight: Music Volume 3

Fan Spotlight: Music Volume 3

This week on our Fan Spotlight we’re going to go back to one of our favorite things to highlight, Music! We at CIG admire how many hours our fans put into making music for our game and love listening to it as we work. So let’s get started!


Starting things off is Balubish_Wiking for his title named Solar Flare (Example 1). The synthesized sci fi sounds combined with the digital beat really make this piece stand out. I can definitely see a few explorers killing some with this song.

Here is the link to Balubish_Wiking’s thread


Next up is Drodz with his song Break of Dawn on Terra. While listening to this piece I noticed that Drodz asked members to envision a sunrise on Terra and I must say that it solidifies why this track is so great. A fantastic piece to listen to while envisioning a sunrise over the horizon.

Here’s a link to Drodz post


SpacelordDD is no stranger to the music forum and his latest piece Defect proves it. A relaxing tune, Defect blends harmonies to create a calm tone perfect for any long explorations. If you enjoy this one I highly suggest checking out his other work of which there is plenty.

Here is the link to SpacelordDD’s link


Last but certainly not least is UltraBeastHarkonnen with his theme named Brash,Unfettered. A fun and jaunty tune, UltraBeast shows that traveling in space doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. A great companion for those who need a little smile while space trucking.

Here is a link to UltraBeastHarkonnen’s post

Thank you to everybody who dedicates their time to making Star Citizen music. We can’t express how appreciative we are and love listening to every second. If you know of a song that we missed, leave it below! Thanks and we’ll see you next week

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