Fan Spotlight: International Edition

Star Citizen is an international endeavor. CIG has studios all over the world helping create our dream game. More amazing then our widespread development family is the international nature of our backers and fans. We wanted to take the time to highlight just a fraction of the work our backers are doing internationally. Whether it be communities all their own, podcasts or videos Star Citizen extends far beyond language and geography.

Star Citizen In Russian

First up we have something for our Russian Citizens. Cyberion has a series of Video podcast about all things Star Citizen and Chris Roberts. He tries to post once a week but as we all know real life sometimes get in the way. In Russia winter is always coming but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk Star Citizen.
Here is a link to the forum post

Star Citizen in Spanish

Next have something for our Spanish speaking Citizens. Adamanter has taken all things Spanish speaking and put them in one convenient location. In this one thread there are links to multiple different Organizations along with external links to Spanish speaking communities.
Here is a link to the forum post

Star Citizen in German

We have a lot of German speaking Citizens and Star Citizen News Radio might be just what you are looking for. They not only have a podcast but their own German speaking community and a Facebook page.
Here is a link to the forum post

Star Citizen in French

Star Pirate News is a French speaking podcast and community. Run by Hawk they provide news, insight, and commentary on all things Star Citizen. If you speak French they may have a place for you in their community, even if they are pirates.
Here is a link to the forum page

Star Citizen in The UK

Foundry 42 is located in the United Kingdom and our backers across the pond have an active Star Citizen community. Star Citizen UK is one of the biggest. Check out Star Citizen UK for discussions of all things Star Citizen and to meet some cool people.
Here is a link to the forum page

These are not all the international communities within Star Citizen we know. These are just a few and we are always looking for ways to involve our international backers. Let us know in the comments the ones we have missed and I am sure they will have their time in the future. To the Stars.

RSI Comm-Link

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