Fan Spotlight: Fan Ships Volume 4

Fan Spotlight: Fan Ships Volume 4

We at Star Citizen are lucky to have such a passionate and creative community supporting us. This week we are going to revisit one of our favorite subjects, Fan Ships! Our fans pour their creativity into the projects and inspire us to make our ships the best that they can be. So let’s check out some of our favorites!

Commander Borf’s Racing Ship

We’ll start things off with Commander_Borf’s Racing bike. This bike currently has two variations, one with a closed canopy, and one open for those who enjoy feeling the wind in their hair as they blow past their fellow racers. I like its compact style and could see myself flying around a planet in this thing.

Check out his thread!

Chmee’s Tactical Carrier

Chmee makes a return to the Fan Ships spotlight with his latest entry, the Leopard Tactical Carrier. Built for the MISC line of ships, this capital ship is a Xi’An/human hybrid and offers the Tesla Lance, a large weapon that would strike fear into any enemy. This is still a work in progress and we’re all excited to see the final creation.

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Kiwi’s Sato Dragon

Next up is Kiwi who brings us the Sato Dragon and its variants. There’s the stealthy Black Dragon, the speedster Red Dragon, the explorer White Dragon, and the super yacht Golden Dragon. Personally I think that the Black Dragon looks to coolest, but you should check out their thread and let Kiwi know what your favorite is!

Check out their thread!

EPhalanx’s Revenant

Lastly, and of no surprise, EPhalanx returns yet again with his entry, the Revenant. While the Revenant is currently only a silhouette, EPhalanx’s previous entries have got me excited to see this reveal. Additionally, EPhalanx has included the backstory of the ship along with its current potential whereabouts.

Check out his thread!

Thank you to everybody who puts their time and effort into creating these fan ships. We love looking at them here at CIG and appreciate all that you do. If you know of one that you’d like to see highlighted let us know below! Also, don’t forget to stop by the Fan Spotlight suggestions thread to tell us what you’d like to see in the future.

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